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When you buy new furniture for your Painesville, OH home, you might be offended by the fact that you have to visit many furniture stores to get the pieces you want. Find your own furniture in painesville - too - and transform your home from boring to sexy in no time.

No matter what style you choose, Rent - A - Center has all the furniture for rent in Painesville to give your home the aesthetic you want. From beautifully crafted headboards to high quality sofas, chairs and tables, we have everything you need to give every home the right style and feel. We don't want you to sacrifice quality to get the most out of your budget, so we offer flexible, bespoke payment plans that suit your needs. They offer a wide selection of top brands, including furniture from some of the world's most popular brands such as Ikea, L'Oreal, Dior, J.C. Penney and more.

Visit the nearest Rent-A-Center in Painesville to find out how we can help you get the affordable furniture you've always wanted. Rent a one-room center furniture for rent with everything you need, from headboards to chairs and tables to everything in between.

Customer service at the Painesville Rent-A-Center, rated 5 out of 5, is very pleasant, with a very friendly staff, great service and a wide selection of furniture.

I love the new mattress in the store, it is great and the salesman who came up to me was very friendly and helpful with his questions. The store was pretty full because there was a Christmas sale, but the second seller was so friendly and even called me to check all the available options. I checked in while juggling with other customers to see if I had any questions, and he called back to say he had called the store.

Nancy reminded me that if I find something less in the next 100 days, I could get the same price ($10 off) for a 10% discount. I couldn't imagine that I would have made the purchase without Nancy, but she made me feel like I was getting a good price.

I went to the shop because I knew what I wanted to spend, but I realised that my 100-year-old house was only built for short people and not everyone could fit in. I tried to get the box spring beds up and realised they needed to be taken down. If you really want to plan a big purchase because there are so many options, you should be careful how much you end up spending. Make sure you try different choices and take the time to make a decision.

As the salesman told me, they notified me and gave me a delivery time that was almost dead, but they were very rude and intrusive. I had two different deliveries and the delivery was on time, which was fantastic. They had 20 minutes to unload the beds and carry them down the driveway and set them up and drive off, which is fantastic!

They called me back at 7: 15 a.m. and said that I could pick them up at 7: 45 a.m. that day, but there were no mattresses. The word is that they will always be there when the truck is in the area, so I just have to wait.

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